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Columns September 18, 2018  RSS feed
Ink with Pizzazz
The Magical Creature
     Children are notorious for their vivid imagination. Most can captivate you in a moment with the wild stories they tell. However some of their stories are complete fiction. While other stories are indeed fact. Tonight as I write this I laugh because all of it is true. But the perspective is based off the limited knowledge of the child at the time. 
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Peter Churchman
The FDA is Killing Americans
     The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is killing Americans. It does so in the following ways: -drawing out the process to approve drugs that are needed by sick people, -reducing affordability due to the cost of unnecessary FDA testing, -stopping importation of prescription drugs from other countries, -deeming certain drugs as questionably safe. 
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Trent Ashby
District 57 House of Representatives
     I want to start this column by extending my sincere gratitude to all of the brave men and women who serve as first responders. As we recently reflected on that solemn September morning over 17 years ago, we remember those who lost their lives to save the lives of countless others. God bless their sacrifice, and God bless their memory.
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Cooking Country
     Are you tired of beans? Two weeks ago we cooked a pot of beans and have been eating off that pot since. I’ve got to admit that I can put them away for a while and not miss them much. So this week we are going to cook potatoes, the good ole “Irish” potato that many of us grew up eating. 
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Leon County Sheriff’s Report
     09/05/18  At 1:44 AM, SGT. Jimmy Gifford was dispatched to Leon County Jail, to assist EMS with an inmate having a medical emergency. The inmate was transferred to Madisonville ER to be checked out. The call was then cleared.  
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