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Columns September 11, 2018  RSS feed

Peter Churchman

Libertarian Nominee for the 17th District

Peter Churchman Peter Churchman It is time to leave the United Nations

Peter Churchman - Libertarian Nominee for the 17th District of Texas

The United States should leave the United Nations entirely. The United Nations is an undue burden on the American taxpayer that is not needed or beneficial. Furthermore, the United Nations doesn’t do anything America cannot do on its own. The UN’s mission is “maintaining international peace and security.” While that sounds good, the UN has given us neither peace nor security. We do not need to participate in the UN because it has proven to be an ineffective bureaucracy that is largely funded by America.

America has just 5% of the world’s population, yet pays 22% of the annual UN budget. Additionally, America also pays for peacekeeping operations - mostly within Africa - run by the UN to the incredulous amount of another $2.2 billion. It is simply not America’s job to police the world. We should not be sending people around the world to poke their nose in other people’s business. We should focus on America, we have significant problems here.

In addition to monetary concerns, the UN also lacks accountability. When atrocities happen like the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia, the Rwandan genocide, and Darfur, there are no consequences. UN officials are not elected, therefore they have no one to answer to when the UN fails. For an organization that has a sole purpose of “maintaining international peace and security”, it has achieved very little towards that goal. Despite all of the numerous failings of the UN, the officials keep their cushy jobs without facing any serious repercussions. America should neither be participating in this system, nor should the American taxpayers be extorted to do so.

American people who wish to help those in developing countries around the world can participate in a multitude of charities that do much good. America, followed by New Zealand and Canada, has the highest rate of charitable donations as a percentage of GDP. We will voluntarily help those in need, and we have a significant track record of doing so. Voluntarily funded charities are helping with education, healthcare, and human rights in developing countries around the world. Americans have the choice to participate with these charities, whereas we do not have the choice in paying taxes. When disaster happens, as it did with Hurricane Harvey, the citizens were the first responders while government officials were a distant second. We do not need the UN to give aid to poor or distressed people around the globe or in our country.

The Trump Administration has cut funding to the UN by 25%. This is a good first step, but the ultimate goal should be a complete withdrawal from the agency. We need to focus on America and the numerous challenges we have within our own country. We do not need to be sending money taken from the American taxpayers across the globe through an agency that has proven to be inefficient at best.

Peter Churchman can be contacted at 512- 644-5197, facebook.com/ElectPeterChurchman or on Twitter @ChurchmanTX17.

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