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Columns June 12, 2018  RSS feed

Peter Churchman

Libertarian Nominee for the 17th District

Peter Churchman Peter Churchman Campaign Finance

Peter Churchman Libertarian Nominee for the 17th District

One of the biggest problems Americans have today is that our legislators have a huge incentive to serve large campaign donors and special interest groups - over their constituents. Many large financial donors contribute to all of the candidates to gain access and influence regardless of the election outcome. The result of this dynamic is that big companies and special interest groups receive favorable legislation and subsidies from the government. The ordinary citizen is often an afterthought; our only hope being for election results or the legislation that follows to not hurt us. The people, who are meant to be in control of the country, have very little say in what our elected officials do after they are elected.

Campaign donations also wind up indirectly cultivating an even larger government, which continues to spend more every year. Many groups produce these donations in order to accumulate or retain some form of government subsidy. These subsidies and carve outs contribute heavily to what we call non-discretionary spending. Thus, through subsidies, the special interest groups that generate these donations to our elected officials get repaid from the Federal Treasury which consists of our hard earned tax dollars. If we want to change the problems created by large campaign donations, we must elect candidates willing to change the way in which campaigns are financed.

The National Debt now over $21 trillion and is projected to be approaching $35 trillion in 2028. Our country regularly runs a national deficit that is close to a trillion dollars. We have arrived at this number, in part, thanks to our thoughtful legislators serving big business and special interests rather than governing responsibly for the people. To govern responsibly, the government must say no to special interests and represent the vast majority of citizens who do not donate large amounts of money to political campaigns. We must cut government spending until the budget is balanced, and if a few businesses cannot survive without government support they should reevaluate their business model. We will be stronger as a nation with a smaller budget that has the government do less. The savings from reducing what our government does can then be applied to work on paying off the National Debt. Our country cannot operate the way it has for the last few decades and expect different results; it’s time for a change and it is time to balance the budget.

Balancing the budget will require budgetary cuts to both discretionary and non-discretionary spending. The only way to accomplish this is to remove the line items that special interest groups pay for through campaign donations and lobbying efforts. Our representatives should represent the people and their future, not special interests and their bottom line.

Peter Churchman can be contacted at 512- 644-5197, peterchurchman@ Churchmanfor- Texas.com, of Facebook.com/ElectPeterChurchman.

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