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Front Page May 15, 2018  RSS feed

Commissioners breeze through agenda in quick time

By Mac Shadix

With County Judge Byron Ryder, “At probate school,” as County Commissioner Joey Sullivan told the court and the audience as he presided over the Regular Called Meeting on May 10, 2018 the commissioners breezed through the agenda in what must have been near record time.

It only took fourteen minutes from opening prayer to the motion to adjourn. Without seeming to hurry, the commissioners dispatched 26 agenda items.

The court, approved the minutes of the last meeting and reviewed and approved the payroll. There were no comments. The use of the courthouse square by the Tammy Steinbecker Memorial Foundation was approved. A request to allow Leslie Wallrath and Keith Cook to use the courthouse square gazebo on July 3rd to read the Declaration of Independence was given the nod and Dianne Ryder was appointed to the BVCOG Local Workforce Development Board.

The court was unanimous and enthusiastic in passing a resolution opposing unfunded mandates by the state legislature.

The submission of a district building generator application under the DR-4332 Hurricane Harvey Grant was passed as well as a notice of intent for the projects on listed county roads for a mitigation grant. The notice included roads, 408, 403, 314, 3141, 498, 275 and 112.

Commissioner Dean Stanford asked the commissioners to approve a project fixing a low wet spot on County Road 348 that would require putting mud and timber in a dugout on private property with the landowner's permission.

Permission to seek a tire collection grant was given as well as permission for County Attorney Caleb Henson to write a resolution for the DAR organization.

A road use agreement for County Road 203 was approved. No action or discussion took place on High-Speed rail or the Expo Project. There were no budget amendments.

A line item transfer in the amount of $12,307.08 was approved.

Items 21 through 23 required no action or discussion.

Number 24 caused the presiding commissioner, Sullivan to ask the one member of the public in the courtroom if he wished to speak. He identified himself as Jacob Hogan from Congressman Flores office who was only present to observe.

No commissioners availed themselves of item number 25, Commissioners open forum which brought the assembly to number 26.

The motion to adjourn was passed quickly and without dissent.

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