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News November 14, 2017  RSS feed

Your Christmas vs the other person

by Jeff Jones

I wonder how many women will get a new refrigerator this Christmas? VS the other person wonders how many refrigerator boxes will be available as a new house under a bridge for his family.

We buy new high priced tennis shoes and put the old pair in the box and discard. The other person finds the box and hopes the old shoes will fit someone in his family and he uses the shoebox as a storage area in his refrigerator box house.

We have a great meal for Christmas with all the trimmings at our house then may go to family or friends for another great meal. The other person goes from dumpster to dumpster collecting food till they think they have enough for their family Christmas meal.

We throw out all of the boxes and wrapping paper when we fin- ish opening our gifts at Christmas. The other person takes the wrapping paper to wallpaper their refrigerator box house and the boxes for a pantry, kitchen cabinets and other storage areas.

Christmas 2017, make a difference for the other people. The Bison student athletics are having a food drive on December 9 from 9am-6pm at 8 different locations in Buffalo and Jewett. Be a part of this effort and Christmas will never be the same again!

A quote in my family that goes back 3 generations is: “All that you have is what you give.” The greatest feeling you can have in life is to give of yourself so others might have what we just take for granted. What you give in secret will give you joy beyond compare.

Be a part, be a blessing and be blessed.

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