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Sports October 17, 2017  RSS feed

Former Belles of the Week

Submitted by Amanda Henson Harter and edited by Sherry Matney

Kameka West Kameka West Leading up to this year’s Homecoming and 60th Bison Belle reunion, Amanda Henson Harter has featured former Belles including memorable moments from the former high kickers. This week the featured Belles are Kameka West, her two aunts, Linda West Tatum and Diana West Tatum, Kameka’s sister Keana Freeman and her 1st cousin Tiffany Tatum.

Harter remembers that she was a 6th grader when Kameka was a freshman Belle. She says, “I always tell my Belles that girls join Belles because of them. In junior high I admired Kameka’s beautiful smile, and her amazing high kicks. I wanted to be a Belle because of the older girls like Kameka.”

Kameka West is the daughter of Joyce West Freeman and Billy Betts. She is the granddaughter of Ray and Lillie

West. Kameka was a Bison Belle for 4 years under Dana Morris. She served under Captain Dewaynna Johnson 87- 88, Captain Dewaynna Johnson 99-89, Captain Stacy Jones 89-90, serving as Captain herself in 1990-1991. Kameka said that the most memorable part of being a Belle was marching on at half time, and remembering to keep those toes pointed!

Tiffany Tatum Tiffany Tatum Harter added, “I love that Kameka mentioned marching on to the field, because as director, I tell my new Belles each year that they will never forget what it feels like to hold their chin up and march on to the field.”

Kameka said that being a Belle taught her dedication and poise. Her favorite routines as a Belle were the high kick routines, and she loved dancing at the pep rallies.

Linda West Tatum was a Bison Belle from 1971-1973, under captains Debbie Hardy 71- 72 and Paula Dawson in 1973. Linda's most memorable moment as a Belle was performing in the Cotton Bowl. Her favorite routine was the flash light dance. Linda says that being a Bison Belle gave her self-confidence.

Diana West Tatum is the daughter of Ray and Lillie Faye West of Buffalo. Diana was a Bison Belle in 1972 under Capt. Debbie Hardy. One of her favorite memories as a Belle was getting along with all of the girls. As a Belle Diana learned self-discipline and teamwork. She said her favorite routine was one using an umbrella and a flashlight.

Tiffany Tatum is the daughter of Larry & Diana West Tatum of Buffalo. Tiffany was a Belle in 1993 under Captain Lanei Phillips. Her most unforgettable memory of being a Belle was being able to get her splits. Tiffany said, "I never did the splits before, but had to learn for tryouts. I was nervous and praying leading up to the big moment. I didn't think about it and just did it. I didn't realize I was in the splits until I looked up in the stands and saw my fellow classmates Deana & Dusty smiling, giving me the thumbs-up to signifying that I did it." As a Belle, Tiffany learned to get along with everyone and what it takes for teamwork.

All former Belles are asked to be at the Football field in Bison Stadium at 5:45 pm on Friday, October 20th.

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