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News October 17, 2017  RSS feed

Deer forecast for Leon County

by Paul K. Matney

This has been a good year for wildlife in Leon County, due to a very mild temperatures this past winter, spring, summer and plenty of rain, the woods have remain green with stuff for them to eat. While conducting night time deer counts in Leon County, Texas Parks and Wildlife reported seeing a very strong fawn crop and bigger and healthier deer than last year. We also have a good population of squirrels, and I don’t think we are at risk of running out of hogs to hunt any time soon.

Now the down side to having so much native food out there for the deer to eat, is it is going to be tough hunting for people that hunt over a corn feeder. The trees are loaded with acorns, and the deer will go to acorns before they go to corn. I’m not saying you want seen a deer around a corn feeder or some other type of food plot you may have put in, I am saying that there is so much out there for them to eat right now that they want have to go far to find food. • Archery Only Sept. 30 - Nov. 3, 2017. • General Season Nov. 4, 2017 - Jan. 7, 2018. • Antlerless Deer Nov. 4-19, antlerless by MLDP or hunting license tag; Nov. 20-Jan. 7, antlerless by MLDP tag only. Youth-Only • Early Youth-Only Season Oct. 28 - 29, 2017. • Late Youth-Only Season Jan. 8 - 21, 2018. • Muzzleloader Jan. 8 - 21, 2018. • Antlerless Deer General season buck limits apply, antlerless tag required only on MLDP properties.

Some other things to remember this hunting season is if your hunting you need a hunting license, If you were born on or after Sept 2nd 1971, and are 17 years of age or older you will need to take a Hunters Ed class to hunt, those that are 16 years of age and younger don’t have to have the class as long as they are hunting with some one that has taken the class. If you are able to successfully take a deer then you need to attach the appropriate hunting tag to the animal immediately, and fill out the Harvest log on the back of your hunting license.

Thanks to Oscar Henson (Leon County Game Warden) for supplying this information.

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