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Front Page October 10, 2017  RSS feed

Great turnout at Parker Cemetery Memorial

By Sherry Matney

Because of damage to the pavilion many of the guests stood or sat outside during the business meeting. Sherry’s Shots Because of damage to the pavilion many of the guests stood or sat outside during the business meeting. Sherry’s Shots The tradition of holding an annual "memorial" day at rural cemeteries remains alive in Leon County and with dozens of them across the county, there are memorials almost every weekend during the spring and fall months. Parker Cemetery held its annual meeting on Sunday, October 8, with approximately 100 members in attendance.

Turnout was larger than usual because the pavilion had been badly damaged last spring when a tornado or straight-line winds push huge oak trees onto its roof. There had also been discussion, earlier in the year, about using Parker funds to begin another cemetery. Family members wanted to be a part of the important decisions to be made.

The meeting began when "acting" president Margo Pate Carmichael welcomed guests and asked Sherry Barnett Matney, Trudy Barnett Huffman and Glenna Parrish Ellenburg to sing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". Following the song the group led all guests in Amazing Grace.

Rather than a devotional or sermon Carmichael chose to go directly into the business meeting, due to the expected length. Carmichael had been "acting" president since last February when, then president, Marilyn Pate Wood resigned. Following reading of the minutes and financial reports, a new Board of Directors was elected. Rita Moore Aghaei - president; Nova Thompson - vice president; Jaimie Smith - secretary/treasurer; Patrick Bell - at large; Norma Moore - returning at large.

Carmichael explained to attendees that the reason the pavilion had not been repaired earlier, funds would need to come from the "permanent" fund and those monies could not be reached without consent granted at the annual meeting. She then opened bids to repair the pavilion and C&C Construction was granted the work. The prospect of another cemetery was never broached. Following the business meeting the traditional "dinner on the grounds" made for a very pleasant ending.

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