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News July 18, 2017  RSS feed
     What must be the largest Flo sign in history now graces the front of the Flo Volunteer Fire Departments station. An itinerant sign painter was found to come in and completed the large sign in a couple of days. Now anyone driving down F.M. 831 or F.M. 1511 will know where they are when they reach the crossroads.
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July and August deadliest months for teen drivers buckle up!
     Although they tend to think of themselves as indestructible, teens have a higher fatality and injury rate in motor vehicle crashes than any other age group. This tendency may be due to their inexperience as drivers and their willingness to take risks behind the wheel such as speeding, driving after drinking, and not wearing their safety belts. 
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     A transmission error created a misprint in Judge Ryder’s column last week. In the sentence that follows, the number five was used in place of a dollar sign. 
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The Right to Bear Arms
     This is the conclusion of the story of the Matney’s adventure with the Second Amendment.
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      Concrete work is finished for the Casey Ag-Science Facility.
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