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News February 14, 2017  RSS feed

Free seminar on healthy eating coming to Oakwood

Local natural health expert and author Trent Thomason will deliver a free seminar titled “How to Eat in Order to Lose Weight, Boost Your Energy, and Heal Your Body Naturally – Without Breaking the Bank or Missing Out on Your Favorite Foods.” The talk will include helpful tips individuals and families can use right away to begin to eat healthier and experience improved health. The intention of the talk is to inspire positive change in the local community.

The event will be held Saturday, February 25th from 10 AM – 12PM. It is hosted by the Oakwood First Christian Church located at 119 N. Holly St, Oakwood, TX 75855. The seminar is free to attend, but since seat are limited, participants are required to register online to ensure a spot at: http://enlightenedeating.leadpages.co/oakwood

For seminar creator, Trent Thomason, raising awareness of healthy eating is a must...especially for those with chronic illness. Thomason experienced a health crisis while living abroad in Asia, and at one point was on 8 medications and 25-lbs overweight. “I was chronically sick and went to see many doctors. I followed the advice and took the pills, and had a severe drug overdose. This was a shocking wake up call... Only when I turned to eating right and natural health did I heal.”

Upon returning to America, Trent has written a book and given talks to help others replicate his results. “A lack of healthy eating is behind our obesity epidemic, as well as most of our chronic illnesses, yet it is so often overlooked in our country. With kids as young as 5 getting on ADD pills these days, we need to raise awareness of healthy eating, for the sake of our future and our families. It's time to remember how to live in harmony with life and nature.”

About Trent Thomason

Trent has been writing and speaking on natural health since 2013 and is the son of Oakwood Superintendent Jackie Thomason and nephew of popular columnist Michael Thomason. He self published the book “Enlightened Eating” in 2014. To learn more and to register for the free seminar, visit: http://enlightenedeating.leadpages.co/oakwood

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