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Columns November 24, 2015  RSS feed
Trent Ashby
District 57 House of Representatives
     I want to start this column by asking for all of your thoughts and prayers to be with the victims and families affected by the horrible terrorist attack in Paris. The attack was an atrocity, and I pray that those who took part in it will be brought to swift justice. 
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Cooking Country
     It’s here! After months of waiting, the first Big Day of Holiday celebration for the 2016 season. Thanksgiving! You know the story. The pilgrims and American Indians shared their bounty during the fall. Many of the Europeans had suffered the long voyage to America to experience religious freedom. To be able to offer thanks was a blessing for them; as it is for us today. 
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According to Vern
     This week is Thanksgiving. The start of the holiday season and one of my single favorite days of the year. I am, after all, a fat man and like to eat. I also happen to be married to the best cook I have ever met. But time spent with her family and reflecting on all the blessings of the previous year are really what this holiday is all about for us. 
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