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Columns August 12, 2014  RSS feed

The Flo News

By Norma Moore and Mike Hitt

Norma Moore Norma Moore Larry Chaney of Jewitt has joined the military and will be serving in the Air Force. He has started his training in San Antonio and is the son of former Flo resident Sherry Parker. Larry is planning to return to our area and becoming a minister after his duty in the Air Force. We need to pray that he returns home safely so he can carry out God’s work. Our Sandy Lumley dug a pond on his property and was blessed when it filled up in a very short time...thank goodness for all the rain we have had! We wish our Flo/Russell area Silva Crech the best of luck on her move to Rockwall, Texas. She and her late husband Bill had been residents in this area since 1994. The loss of her husband plus a series of vandalisms have caused her children to insist that she move closer to them. The members of the Northcreek Baptist Church along with Pastor Jim Grable held a goingaway party for her. They will miss her faithful service. It looks as though our mild weather is over (probably until December… joke, or maybe not!). The forecast for the month ahead is predicting upper 90s and 100s with only slight chances of showers for the next few weeks. There is still hope, though. The record low on August 28th, 1992 was 53 degrees! Speaking of peaking temperatures (well, not really but it’s a good segue) lemons and limes are plentiful this time of year and they have more uses than just for flavoring. Lemons and limes are available year round but lemons peak from May through August and limes peak from May through October. Some beneficial uses for these citrus fruits as follows: Lemons & limes have antioxidants and ant-cancer properties. They are an excellent source of vitamin C which is beneficial to a healthy immune system. Use lemons on faucets to remove lime scale, hard water stains, soap residue. Sprinkle salt on your wooden cutting board and rub with half a lime or lemon to clean and disinfect. Drinking lemon juice helps control blood pressure, dizziness and nausea and contains potassium good for heart problems. Baking soda mixed with lime (or lemon) juice can be used for whitening teeth…be sure and rinse well so the acid won’t affect your gums. A lime juice wash will help with acne as it is a natural antibacterial and exfoliating substance. Least we lose sight of the fact that that lemons and limes are also very delicious used in recipes; I have included a recipe I found for Lemon-Lime Cream Pie: 1 graham cracker pie crust 1 cup sugar 5 tbsp. corn starch ¼ tsp. salt 5 egg yolks 1 ¾ cups cold water 1/3 cup lemon juice 1/3 cup lime juice 1 tbsp. lime zest 3 tbsp. unsalted butter Cool Whip Topping

In medium saucepan bring to a simmer sugar, cornstarch, salt & water. Whisk constantly until it starts to simmer and turn translucent. Add egg yolks one at a time whisking gently to incorporate well. Repeat with the rest of the egg yolks. Continue to whisk until the mixture is very thick. If it seems to be getting lumpy, remove from heat and whisk gently until smooth. Slowly add the lemon & lime juices and zest. Whisk gently. Turn off the heat and add the butter. Whisk gently until it is all melted & blended. Pour the filling into the pie shell. Allow to cool for an hour undisturbed and then transfer to the refrigerator, uncovered. Add whipped topping before serving. Enjoy!

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