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Columns September 3, 2013  RSS feed

The Flo News

By Norma Moore

Norma Moore Norma Moore More Continued Flo School Series: The New Fresh Beginning

Flo Lone Star brick building no longer a school, the year 1971 lay with vacancy for 19 years. This heartsick for our Flo people community with its desperate, shambles and horrible conditions our people lived with this nightmare all these times. In the year 1990 starting with this New Year with the Flo area tax dollars on this property had met specifications. The Flo Lone Star community property paid their dues with the Austin, Texas orders this property would be for sale. This was wonderful news for Flo people on February 18th, 1990. A Flo Community Citizens for Better Schools was held at the property for discussing planning the future with the Lone Star brick building. June Bell with great concern with the Flo community building for these years had worked on the project, very busy with her family, home and business asked me who had recently moved back to my home land, born and raised in Flo and so proud to be back unto the dearest place on Earth…with heritage going back unto the 1800s, to get the Flo people together for the February 18th meeting. There being a large crowd, much excitement, hope and happiness with our Flo citizens for our building to have a new beginning after

Lone Star Community Center Lone Star Community Center 19 years of its terrible status. The people gathered on the outside, the inside with knee-high water, nasty dirty hay, mice & rats, ceiling tiles fallen, smells, the condition just awful. We endured. We determined we would overcome. An immediate voting for a board of directors was done. I, Albert Schweindly, Curtis McGowen and Raymond Parker were nominated. The Flo citizens group voted immediately to attend the next Oakwood trustee board members. We met with Mr. Ronnie Durham, superintendent of Oakwood School on February 22nd to turn in a bid of 200.00 dollars we had collected. Mr. Durham very nice invited us to attend the Oakwood Trustee Board meeting on February 26th, 1990. Curtis McGowen, Raymond Parker, Shelly Pate, Edith Gray and I attended. Shelly Pate bid 10,000.00, Albert Schweindly bid 4,995.00 and Rhonda Cooper bid 4,000.00 along with our 200.00 bid. This with Mr. Durham wished to have time with his trustees to discuss and determine the outcome set for March 19th, 1990. Much long endurance with eager, nervous energy was felt until March 19th. During this time many Flo signatures were gathered with a petition our concerned Flo citizens pleading for our Lone Star brick building to be our Flo Community Center. The trustees leaning toward selling the building until Shelly Pate stood and said that there had been an organized petition with many Flo citizens signature and another bid of 200.00 collected. Mr. Durham with his opening statement proposed that if the building wasn’t sold unto the Flo group for their community center it would be a mistake and that Flo and Oakwood communities should remain friends with togetherness. The trustees voted with harmony.

The Flo Citizens group would buy the Flo Lone Star brick building for the Flo Community Center. This a new beginning with our Flo community. There was a joyous, happy celebration time. Our Flo citizens with prayers long hours day and night with our concerned Buffalo merchants and citizens giving us a helping hand our Flo brick building was restored from its desperate state unto our Flo’s proud pride brick building. This Flo Community Center building has restored our people coming together again with our surrounding friends, local Lone Star schools connections with Flo and our new welcome residents. Our Flo Community Center has been a prize winner. Much love with much participation with our Flo Community Center has been a bright star for Flo since its beginning. The first planned program, the Flo’s schools reunion, greatest success with 300 people in attendance. This still a promising good time. Our Flo Community Center is a choice place for reunions, weddings, showers, Halloween, Easter egg hunts, Christmas parties, Jamborees, volleyball, dominoes, basketball, voting and our historical heritage rooms very impressive for people to reminisce. Flo has become a well populated community with dedicated people with the same love of God, family and community togetherness. Flo history, the values with God, family, loving people like one big family who cared for each other. Our Flo community received a miracle with our Flo Lone Star School District on May 13th, 2013 when our school district was annexed to Buffalo.

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