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Columns July 30, 2013  RSS feed
Trent Ashby
District 57 House of Representatives
     Another week has come and gone at your State Capitol without the passing of a transportation funding bill. While both chambers have passed their own version of the legislation, no compromise has been made to settle the differences between the two. Gov. Perry has threatened to call a third special session if no agreement is reached before the session ends on July 30.
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Tales from WannaBea Farm
     Patience?...Not!  I sat on the pier, watching as the man screamed at his wife, wishing that I could do something and glad that my husband was not there to see or hear this. The man continued to yell at her, wanting her to back the truck and trailer down the ramp so that he could run the boat up on it. 
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The Flo News
     Flo School Series (Continued) 
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Buffalo Police Report
     Officer Mouton to area around the Buffalo ISD bus barn for report of fire. Cleared as unable to locate any fire.  Officer Mouton to Hill Street for agency assist with loose livestock. Upon arrival, officer checked the area, found the loose cow and was able to place it back into the field. Call cleared. 
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Leon County Sheriff’s Report
     07/17/13 Tommy Page responded to S. Cass in Centerville for the report of burglary and Centerville for the report of an alarm. Chris Nash responded to CR 368 for the report of a four-wheeler complaint and CR 427 for the report of an alarm. Sharon Williams responded to CR 373 for the report of criminal mischief and FM 831 for the report of a disturbance.
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