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Fast Cheap and Easy April 9, 2013  RSS feed

Fast Cheap Easy and Healthy - Part 13

By Sherry Matney

Sherry with Superfoods – The 50 best foods for you! Sherry with Superfoods – The 50 best foods for you! This is it!! Week 13. Can you believe we are into the second quarter? Spring is here and school will soon be out!! Where does it go? The time I mean, not the weight that is an ever-constant issue.

So this is the day when I fess up and tell the world how much I have gained or lost over these very quick thirteen weeks. And here it is!! I have lost five pounds from the day I began this column. That doesn’t sound like much but in the past, I have lost more and lost quicker, but as soon as whatever I was working toward came to an end, I gained the weight right back. This time I think it will stay off, as a matter of fact, I think I will go ahead and get rid of those other five pounds that I hate. Anyway, if you see me walking around town in a moo-moo you’ll know I was wrong, again.

Keep in mind that gaining only two pounds per year from the time you are thirty until you are seventy is 80 pounds. Now I know if you are thirty you are thinking, “If I live to be 70 I don’t care how I look.” You are so wrong and even if you don’t care how you look, that extra 80 pounds can make a tremendous difference in you quality of life.

I have been accused of trying to get readers to change their eating habits and to get healthy. That is not something I mind having on my conscience. Maybe someone has been inspired to drink a few more glasses of water, to walk a few more steps each day and to pick up an apple rather than greasy fries.

The recipes have been legitimate and most are on leoncountytoday.com. My favorite is the Oven Baked Chicken. I am a chicken lover. I have wonderful memories of my grandmother killing, cleaning and frying chicken on Sunday for her enormous family. Never did I think about how much work she did to get that beautiful, greasy plate of chicken on the table, but I know she had to love those she served to have gone to that much trouble.

I made that dish recently for my sister’s birthday celebration. I did not kill or clean that chicken. All I did was cut the breast into smaller pieces and cook it. But the love was still there. Remember this? “Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven.”

It has been fun. Hope you learned something. I know I did.

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