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Fast Cheap and Easy March 5, 2013  RSS feed

Fast, cheap, easy and healthy – Part 8

By Sherry Matney

Beginning the 8th week. My how time flies!! I think I have reached a plateau and I know it is because of all this celebrating. Went to South Padre for a few days last week and while I did walk on the beach and tried hard to follow healthy eating habits, I didn’t lose anything this week, but didn’t gain either. The drive down there was so long I didn’t walk either of those two driving days but still managed to walk 10 miles for the week. So I am still 151 pounds with seven weeks down and six to go. Will I make it to 145?? If I do, will I stay there?? Which is the greater challenge?

How about you? Are you staying true to your plan? Are you walking or otherwise exercising? Are you drinking lots of water? How about sweets? I must confess I ate a very, very tiny piece of peanut brittle and a small brownie at “movie night” at the church. But, hey, we must keep going. Can’t turn back now!!

This week I am talking about number 23 on the list of 50 Superfoods; chicken. Now you and I probably buy our chicken from local grocers, and, in truth, this book is not talking about that kind of chicken. The book wants us to eat chicken that is allowed to roam in the open and fed only organic chicken feed. But unless you are willing and able to raise your own chickens, or want to drive to Dallas, Houston or Austin to do your shopping, chances are you are eating chicken filled with steroids, antibiotics and who knows what all.

Be that as it may we eat what is available and are thankful for it. So it is up to us to make it as healthy as possible.

Here is the link to the video of this week's recipe.  


Our wonderfully made body consists of 22 percent protein, and just under half of this is muscle. Muscles need continual replenishment, especially after exercise, in order for the body to maintain mobility and posture. Stress uses up protein in the body to make adrenaline, but proteinrich foods, such as chicken, in the diet can replace it in a way that the body finds easy to absorb. A single serving of chicken provides two-thirds of the nutrients needed by the body to replenish skin, bone and muscle.

I grew up thinking fried chicken was the very best food in the world. Although we had beef, because we raised it, chicken was my favorite. I still wonder how my grandmother could kill, clean and fry enough chickens for the huge family that gathered at her table on special Sundays. I still love chicken but, except for the very special occasion, I am resigned to eating it prepared just about any way but fried.

One alternative I have found if oven fried chicken prepared almost like my mama use to make but with much less fat.

Begin with chicken breast cut off the bone. You can buy it boneless but it costs more and I like to use the bones to boil and make broth for cooking soups and a variety of other foods.

Cut the breasts in oneinch wide strips, salt and pepper and put in an appropriate sized mixing bowl. Sprinkle liberally with flour, I use whole wheat but use what you have.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Put about two tablespoons canola oil into an iron skillet and heat before adding chicken. When oil is hot add the chicken and let it brown before turning. Once you turn the chicken put it into the hot oven, and set your timer for twenty minutes.

Take the chicken out and eat that wonderful stuff without feeling one small tinge of guilt.

If all things are working this week, there should be a video on leoncountytoday.com with me attempting to show you had to make this deliciously healthy pan of oven fried chicken. Check it out and let me know what you think. I continue to get comments from many of you who enjoy the column but not many comments online. Give it a shot.

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