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Front Page June 14, 2011  RSS feed

Flo Water votes to plug Highway 75 well

By Mac Shadix

V.P. Wallace Jones V.P. Wallace Jones Flo Water Directors heard from their engineers what many of them already were convinced was the case. The well at Highway 75 is unrepairable and will continue to be a money pit as it must be plugged within the year and with the work done on it years ago complicating the matter, the operation will be far from simple and cost from $40,000 to in excess of $100,000 dollars. The well was abandoned four years ago and under the law it must be plugged within five years.

Going forward under a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ mandate to increase water storage in the Keechi portion of the system, the Flo Water Board has been stymied by the one-half acre size of the well site just off Highway 79. The owner of the land that surrounded the landlocked site did not want to sell and engineering estimates put the cost of building an elevated tank site approximately 2.25 miles away where land could be purchased for three to four thousand dollars an acre at $455,000. This option would have more than doubled the cost of the project to build the elevated storage so Flo Water General Manager redoubled his efforts to convince the landowner at the existing site to sell.

After much negation, Martin reported that the owner of the surrounding property agreed to sell but only at a price of $10,000 per acre for five acres. The Board has pitched and bucked and wrangled for some time about that price, but to no avail. The Board voted to yield to the necessary and purchase the land with the presiding officer, Vice President Wallace Jones dissenting. That is the same price per acre that was reported for the site where the Flo Water Office is now located. That land was purchased nearly five years ago.

A bid of $107,300 for generators at both Russell well sites was accepted and O’Malley Engineers was authorized to seek bids for the 1618 project. This is to be paid with grant funds.

The engineering firm also reported on the efforts to find if the water on the most recent well in the Weedon Addition could be used by filtering and recommended that due to the costs that such efforts should not be pursued. The Board seemed to agree and asked Martin to study future uses of the site, or, of the disposal of the same.

While the Flo Water Board heard these items and went forward to meet the requirements of the TCEQ, They also heard in the Directors Report by Martin that the Corporation had pumped 10,161,000 gallons of water last month, had sold 8,118,300 gallons and used 315,000 gallons for fire and flushing lines. 1486 meters were reported as being in service.

Encouraging news was also found in the financial reports; Total cash on hand was reported as $372,751.44 and monthly income was placed at $24,249.33.

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