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Columns October 19, 2010  RSS feed
Straight from The Horse’s Mouth
      Back to THM's Epic West Coast Summer Vacation. Remember, back in July, Glenn and I drove from San Diego to Seattle , visiting 58 coffee shops and 10 bookstores in eleven days. We Googled independent shops along our route, plugged the addresses in the Prius's GPS and spent our days immersing ourselves in coffee shop culture. 
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Tales from WannaBea Farm
      Ghost Hunters   “No, you are NOT going to take your BB guns! I don’t have a problem with y’all sleeping in the tree house, but no BB guns so just shut up about them.”   “But Mama, what if something gets after us, we need to be able to protect ourselves.” Kyle wheedled.  
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Random notes from East Texas
      A half-dime and other coins: Like others in East Texas, William Williams, 73, likes to poke around ghost towns with his metal detector. What he has unearthed only inches from the ground’s surface may surprise you.  
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Where the Music Plays
      Last Thursday night was a great night for live music in Buffalo and Fairfield. But then, to me, every night, or day for that matter, is a good time for live music.  
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Chute ‘n the Bull
      All sports fans know that when the team didn't do as well as expected this year, there's always next year. Weed control can work like that too. If you didn't get the sandburs this year, make plans now to get 'em next year.  
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