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Columns October 12, 2010  RSS feed

Where the Music Plays

David Parker

Back in the spring of this year, Buffalo had a festival in the park called ‘Spring Fest’. Several local music artists participated in this event, including; Nick Watson, Holly Robinson, John Easterling, and Greg Hall, just to name a few. It was at this event, that I had the privilege of seeing Abigail Maynard perform. I was literally mesmerized by her talent. She was accompanied by her sister, and was certainly THE highlight of this springtime event in my opinion. Anyone who was there would certainly agree.

In a recent phone conversation with her, she told me she started messing with the guitar when she was about sixteen. She decided that was what she was meant to do. So by the time she was eighteen she was a songwriter, and now at the age of twenty-two, she is a recording artist and performer, playing gigs all across Texas and beyond.

Abigail’s debut album, “Covered In Red”, was released last year and is available on-line. One place you can find it is, CD BABY. COM. She just recently contributed recordings for a worship CD, which will be available soon.

Abigail Maynard Abigail Maynard If you haven’t heard Abigail Maynard.., don’t ask me to tell you who to compare her to…., because I can’t. All I can tell you is I like what I hear. She has her own style that sets her apart from any other female musician you may be familiar with. She is Abigail Maynard.., you just have to hear for yourself. And believe me, you will not be disappointed. Go to her web site (www.Abigail Maynard. com), look her up on you tube.com…do what ever it takes…, but find away to hear this lady sing. She is a true star, who is on the verge of lighting up the sky.

Keep the music playing.... where ever you may be.

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