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Columns September 21, 2010  RSS feed
Straight from The Horse’s Mouth
      I was in crisis-mode last week, all was not well in my world. Monday morning our espresso machine quit working. If you know anything about my relationship with espresso you know that crisis is a small word for what I was going through. Glenn studied the schematics and tried to diagnose with screwdriver in hand. I paced. 
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Tales from WannaBea Farm
      Judgment Day  
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Reading the papers
      Once a week, I sit on my couch at home and read the weekly newspapers sent to me by the folks who are kind enough to carry this column.   By the time I’m through, I have learned a lot more about East Texas than I knew last week.   Here are some examples:  
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Chute ‘n the Bull
      Grasslands are complex environments comprised of many different kinds of living organisms affected by abiotic factors such as weather. There are few things that are black and white in such complex ecosystems, but there may be some self-evident "truths." If you haven't considered them in your grazing operation, perhaps you should.   Rotational grazing  
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Where the Music Plays
      This past weekend was The Buffalo Stampede. With a parade on saturday morning followed by an entire day of car shows and auctions and fun for the entire family, all at Harriman park. But, it really got started the night before.  
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