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Front Page September 14, 2010  RSS feed

“If you don’t have it...you can’t spend it”

Buffalo Council shows intent to rein in spending
by Vanessa Goodwyn

The Buffalo City Council met with barely a quorum on Monday evening, and a small audience in attendance as well. The Council's actions throughout the meeting reflected their determination to continue to rein in city spending. Mayor Dawkins stated, "If you don't have it, you can't spend it -- even if it is in the budget. That budget is just a piece of paper... so there WILL be some more cutting of expenses."

New business in the agenda included approving an agreement with KSA Engineers to address the problems Buffalo residents have been been having with the city water. The agreement set forth rates for KSA to add chemical additions for iron sequestering and for the development of a flushing program.

Mika Morgan, Atmos Operations Supervisor out of Groesbeck, was in attendance to get the City's approval of a resolution with that corporation. Attorney Gayle Ray pointed out descrepancies in the pricing schedules presented, and the Council tabled any decision on the matter, with a promise from Morgan to get an explanation on the conflicting schedules and have firm rates to present.

The auditing firm of Staples Associates had submitted a letter of engagement for the City's annual audit for Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2009. Asked to report on her review of the terms, Ray pointed out that the letter contains no deadline as to when the audit would be complete, noting that completion delays have been a point of contention with Staples' service in the past. She also had some questions regarding their rate. She also questioned whether other audit firms are being considered. The Council tabled any decision until another meeting.

The Council considered and changed the wording on the City's Employee Handbook before approving the revised Employee Handbook. Clarification was made regarding employees who report substance abuse. They will be allowed by seek treatment, but such treatment will not be funded by the City of Buffalo.

The Council considered and approved an annexation ordinance and municipal service plan for property belonging to Kanu Patel, on Highway 79 at the site of the Economy Inn.

Monthly reports were reviewed and approved. - Michael Hahn reported improvement in animal control activity including the numbers of dogs and feral cats caught. - BVFD volunteer Jake Simpson presented a preliminary report on the fire department's music festival fund raiser. The Council requested a complete financial report on the event and Simpson promised that Fire Chief Shaine Reeder will have that at the next meeting. - Police Chief Lance Pavelka reported that his department had answered 79 calls for service, covered 12 accidents, made 5 arrests and issued 380 citations last month. He added that his officers would be working the Buffalo Stampede and BHS Homecoming this weekend. - Chief Pavelka also presented the Municipal Court report.

Both Buffalo newspapers were designated as the official newspapers for city business.

Mayor Dawkins presented a list of the city's water department equipment for sale and requested a similar detailed list from Chief Pavelka for the Police department.

Quotes for a replacement computer for one city office were discussed, but the item is not budgeted and a decision on the matter was tabled until it could be determined where the money could come from.

In other matters of routine housekeeping, the council approved the minutes of previous meetings, approved the financials presented by City Secretary Debbie Waters and moved to pay the outstanding bills.

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