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Front Page September 29, 2009  RSS feed

Oakwood State Bank goes international

By Sherry Matney

Marcus Kock with his crew interviews Roddy Wiley, Jr. to get his ideas on banking and life in a small town. Sherry’s Shots Marcus Kock with his crew interviews Roddy Wiley, Jr. to get his ideas on banking and life in a small town. Sherry’s Shots If you took an independent poll to determine the most famous resident of Leon County, the name of Roddy Wiley might not come to mind, but chances are really good that he would be the true winner.

Roddy R. Wiley, Jr. is the owner and president of Oakwood State Bank and has been on several network TV shows in the past eighteen months, spotlighting the fact that OSB is the smallest bank in the United States. First Texas County Reporter featured him in March 2008, then Katy Couric at CBS, then NBC and now he has gone international.

On Thursday, September 24, Wiley was visited by Markus Koch and a TV crew from Germany. Koch is with N-TV, Germany’s leading business network. Koch has a background in finance, having worked with Bear Stearns in his early years. He then became the first foreign correspondent on the New York Stock Exchange.

Koch’s first show was “Around the World in 70 days” with an angle on people rather than strictly numbers. This show, which will feature Wiley and the Oakwood State Bank, is called “In Between” and will air in Europe. Again, Koch focuses on people and reconnecting to what makes people happy.

While Koch interviewed Wiley he highlighted the fact that Wiley builds relationships and only loans to those whom he knows. Rather than make light of the fact that the bank may be behind other banks in technology, Koch obviously appreciated the fact that customers at Oakwood State Bank have names not numbers.

Wiley grew up in the Oakwood State Bank, which has been family owned since 1900. Wiley’s father began running the bank in 1923, one year before Wiley was born.

In 1945 Wiley graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in electrical engineering and in 1949 earned a law degree. It wasn’t until 1960 that he took over running the bank after his father died.

One of the highlights of the Christmas season in Oakwood is the huge Christmas village displayed in the bank’s front window.

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