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Front Page September 22, 2009  RSS feed

Committee from Flo visits Oakwood School

By Sherry Matney

Oakwood Independent School District is proposing a $4,000,000 Bond which will be on the November 3rd ballot. If passed the Bond will result in a tax rate increase of approximately .19, taking the school taxes in the Oakwood School District from $1.04 to $1.23. Superintendent Richard Scoggin estimates the increase on a $100,000 home, with a homestead exemption, will be approximately $150.00 per year.

On Tuesday, September 15, a group of citizens met at the Lone Star Community Center to discuss and evaluate the upcoming Bond election. During the process of the meeting a suggestion was made to visit the school to de- termine if there is a need for a new facility as the Oakwood ISD Board has determined. A committee was formed whose task it was to visit the school, make a first-hand evaluation and report back to the group on the following Tuesday, September 22.

On Friday, September 18 the committee visited with Superintendent Scoggin and took a tour of the current facility. When the group arrived Scoggin explained that the children in Pre-K to 6th grade are in three portable buildings which were purchased approximately ten years ago when the old elementary school was abandoned. According to those who were around at that time the portables were intended to be a “temporary fix”. The bond monies will be used to build a new elementary school.

As the group toured the facility Scoggin explained there are several concerns about having the students in the portables. Kids walk under a covered walk way from the portable buildings to the main school building to go to the cafeteria, library, etc. Although it is covered the children are exposed to blowing wind and rain. Each room has a restroom which works well for the smaller children, but the bigger kids get pretty self conscious when the whole class sees who is going in and out. The fact that the children are not together is another issue.

The group complimented Scoggin on his work and his ability to make the best of the situation. The Oakwood School District moved from last year’s TAKS rating of “academically unacceptable” to “academically acceptable” this year, with the elementary school receiving a “recognized” status.

Scoggin thanked the group for taking the time to get a first hand look at the school. As the tour came to a conclusion he said, “You each will vote either “for” or “against”. Whichever way you vote I want it to be an educated vote.”

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