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Columns September 22, 2009  RSS feed
Straight from The Horse’s Mouth
      Are you a Detail Person or a Big Picture Person? Both of these characteristics are needed in life, the lucky ones have equal amounts of both traits. Not me. But, I've come to embrace my Big Pictureness. I wouldn't say I am cautious, but definitely conscientious, heedful, and caring. I am not exact, microscopic, or stickling and I have been known to be a bit messy. 
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Leon County Cooks: Honey in a hollow tree
     “Well it’s a darn good life and its kinda funny how the Lord made the bee and the bee made the honey, and the honey bee a lookin’ for a home, so they called it a honeycomb.”
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Leon County Sheriff’s Report
      9/9/09 Jerry Grimes responded to Centerville for the report of an alarm. David Sales and Leon County Deputies served a narcotics search warrant in the Jewett area. Illegal drugs and marijuana seized. Paskel Foster and Sharon Williams responded to Centerville for the report of a stolen four wheeler. Reashelle Chatham responded to the report of harassment. 
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Freestone County Sheriff’s Report
     to Mother/Son confrontation…. Both are adults, one left. Deputies McGowan and Aldrich to a disturbance on Walnut. Guests invited into a residence, one causes a problem, the house gets tore up a little, then it goes outside and a fist goes intentionally through a pickup back window. The erstwhile pugilist now in Jail, Criminal Mischief and Trespassing.  
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Freestone County Sheriff’s Report
      Sheriff’s Report Number 454- TPD Travis Martin arrests motorist, Loop 255, Tarrant County Warrants. FPD and Dep. Harrison to report of folks fighting in Love’s parking lot. Report comes in of vehicle stopped in driveway, US-84 at FM-1366, occupants exited vehicle, got in beam of headlamps and are dancing, Deputy Harrison to same. WPD Keathley to N. Ave. 
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