Jewett motorist shot near Buffalo Creek

Wade Thomas, 38 of Jewett, could be said to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it could also be said that he is blessed to still be alive. While driving home from work on Highway 79, a bullet came through his vehicle window, went through Thomas’ neck and jaw, and then exited out the window […]

Fatal accident in stolen vehicle on Highway 7

A 33-year-old woman was killed in a one-car accident on 10-28-12 at 3:00 a.m. on Highway 7 five miles west of Centerville, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. The DPS also verified that the 2004 Nissan had been stolen late Saturday night from a home in Marlin. Troopers investigating the accident found an address on an ID card […]

Little sister bags big buck

BJHS 8th grader Matt Gilliam (13) is an avid hunter and was delighted when he shot an 11-point buck on the property of his grandparents, Willie and Kathy Gilliam, in Jewett on Saturday afternoon. Taken with a 25.06 at about 150 yards, the buck scored 137. After seeing her big brother’s trophy, little sister Makayla (11) begged her father, David […]

School Board votes to build new softball/baseball complex

by Vanessa Goodwyn The BISD School Board met in a special called session on Monday evening. The primary focus of the meeting was for the Board to hear Superintendent Lacy Freeman’s recommendations regarding a softball/baseball complex for the district. Freeman reminded the Board of their previously stated long-term facilities improvement plans, and softball coach Kay Young was invited to explain […]

A motto of hope: Faith, fight and prayer

Faith: The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen Fight: To take part in battle or physical combat. Prayer: The act of offering reverent petitions to God Those words have become the motto for Kathy Pierce, a Leon County woman who has faced enormous challenges over the past four years. She has been willing to share […]

Leon County sales tax revenue reported

(AUSTIN) — Texas Comptroller Susan Combs announced today that state sales tax revenue in September was $1.96 billion, up 11.6 percent compared to September 2011. “Continued strength in the manufacturing and oil and natural gas sectors led to the sales tax revenue increase,” Combs said. “Collections were also boosted by improvement in consumer spending at restaurants and retail stores. State […]

Some pretty scary creatures at the Flo Halloween Carnival

Witches, princess, turtles and all sorts of odd beings were out in full force at the Halloween Carnival in Flo at the Lone Star Community Center. The gymnasium was filled with games and activities that kept little spooks busy throughout the evening. One of the highlights was the costume contest that brought an unusual assortment of characters at this year’s […]

Oakwood 4-H Omelet Supper a smashing success

It was that time of the year once again, the Oakwood 4-H Omelet Supper was held on Monday night. Approximately 175 people showed up to show their support. Lots of omelets, rolls, salads, desserts, and tea were served up by the children of the Oakwood 4-H while being supervised and assisted by their adult counterparts. Older kids expertly flipped omelets […]


Nazis in East Texas

In the 1940s East Texas sawmills and paper mills lost many of their loggers to the armed forces fighting during World War II. The problem was solved with a unique exchange. German soldiers who had been captured in Europe were brought to the U.S. and conscripted as loggers. Today, the unusual trade is remembered by five Texas historical markers placed […]

Tales from WannaBea Farm

Trick or treat, smell my feet “Now listen,” I said as I inspected each Cub Scout, making sure they were neat and in full uniform, straightening ties and collars as I went down the line, “no matter what, be polite and remember there are always people who will be ugly and some may even cuss you, but you just say […]