Cattle thieves hit two ranches on FM 831

Folks who work at the Dudley Brewer Ranch on FM 831 discovered a grizzly sight on Monday morning when they found some calves had been shot near the road. According to Leon County Chief Deputy Brent Walker, the fence on FM831 had been cut and one calf taken outside the fence and shot, and then loaded on a truck and […]

The welcomed sound of rain on roofs all over the county

One of the joys of the past weekend was the beautiful sound of rain. After a scalding summer with very little precipitation, Leon County was blessed with rain amounts ranging from 4” to 12”. According to an unscientific survey, rainfall seemed to be more intense in the northeastern part of the county. Jewett got about 4”, Centerville 7”, Buffalo 7.5,” […]

Commissioners wrap up FY12

Taking care of business in Leon County

Spirits were high at the final Commissioners Court meeting of FY12 on Wednesday, September 26. Commissioner Dean Player commented on the successful year the County has had, stating, “The cost of living goes up and up, and the cost of fuel…but we’ve still been able to provide quality service and keep our buildings and equipment updated.” He credited the elected […]

Deer outlook good for Leon County

The outlook for the deer season in Leon County appears to be good. We have a good acorn crop this year and they are already falling. The drought seems to have had little effect on the deer. Last year the acorns fell late and many hunters said the deer did not come to their feeders for the corn but preferred […]

City of Oakwood to name Utility Director

Enough is enough! That is the way Oakwood Mayor Vicki Stroud and the City Council members feel about the abandoned and dilapidated buildings in their town. After years of “being nice” about it. The City has decided to take a harsher approach to this blight on their community. After meeting with their lawyer, Charley Johnson, to obtain his advice on […]

Buffalo EE Club meets for monthly covered dish

Eighteen ladies attended the first meeting of the Buffalo Extension and Education Club since our absence for the summer break. We met at Donna Barrilleaux’s lovely home on September 19th and enjoyed the covered dish lunch. Afterwards, there was lots of business to attend to. Dues have been raised to $18.00 ($15 to State, $1 to District, $1 to County). […]

Texas Eagle Forum President to speak

Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum, is coming to Leon County to speak and present a very informative and interesting video presentation on the book “Ameritopia,” written by Mark Levin and on Agenda 21, which ties in with the book. Adams currently serves as the “International Issues” chairman for Eagle Forum and on the Board of the National Eagle […]

Tom’s Mini Mart supports The Lord’s Pantry

Katherine Harcrow announced late last week that beginning October 1st, Tom’s Mini Mart will offer a free fountain drink to anyone who brings in canned or other nonperishable food for donation to The Lord’s Pantry. SORRY! A SUBSCRIPTION IS REQUIRED! You must be an active subscriber to access this content! Please Login below or Subscribe!

Leon County Master Gardeners

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Tales from WannaBea Farm

Bedside manner “Oooh, aaah, stop! Omigod.” The little girl was screaming as the bicycle fell over, her foot caught in the spokes and blood everywhere. As her brother stood up and realized what had happened he was horrified. He scooped up his little sister in his arms and ran for home. “Grandma, Grandma, hurry, Joyce has been hurt,” he yelled, […]