Local heroes make many sacrifices to fight fires

Two days ago many of us took time to remember and grieve the tragedy of ten years ago when on September 11 more than three thousand Americans were killed as a result of brutal terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Many of those who lost their lives were citizens who were in the wrong place at […]

Buffalo Council adopts 2011-12 budget, tax rate

The Buffalo City Council packed several meetings into one on Monday evening, September 12. A required public hearing on the proposed 2011-12 budget generated no public comments. In the special meeting which followed, the Council discussed a few modifications then voted to adopt the budget as modified. They then voted to adopt the 2011 Ad Valorem tax rate of .554 […]

Judge Ryder thanks volunteers

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers that donated food, drinks, and supplies for the Command Center for the firefighters during our recent fires. Had it not been for your efforts and volunteerism the firefighters probably would not have functioned as well as they did. Also, I would like to thank the people who came […]

32nd Annual Stampede Beauty Pageant Results

The BHS auditorium was the venue for the 32nd annual Buffalo Stampede Beauty Pageant on Saturday, September 10. The morning session featured infants to 5-year-olds. All were dolled up and most were excited to step on the stage with emcee Kristen Knight, who was a previous Miss Buffalo Stampede. There was a plethora of curls and makeup, glittery gowns, stiff […]

Fire chief describes the battle

Buffalo Fire Chief Shaine Reeder was tired but proud as he described the efforts of area volunteers to battle the destructive wildfires in our county last week. At the time of an interview on Thursday afternoon, his crews were still fighting the main fire around Marquez, and as of press time on Monday the big blaze had covered 5000 acres. […]

Tales from WannaBea Farm

Rita Mae goes trucking Pulling into the truck stop I breathed a sigh of relief, I was tired, hungry and needing a break. Los Angeles to Albuquerque was a long day’s work. I spotted some of the other drivers that had already arrived and sitting down with them I ordered a long-awaited cup of coffee. We discussed our trip while […]

Animal Talk

Two questions commonly asked are the following: “What determines a life or death situation with my pet?” and “Do I need to call the veterinarian tonight or can it wait until morning?” These two questions lead to more questions, such as, “Is my dog sick, how much will it cost, who do I need to call and will I be […]


A Historic County

A LOOK AT HISTORIC PLACES, PEOPLE AND EVENTS One of my favorite rural counties in East Texas celebrated its 140th anniversary this year. Named for the 1836 battle which ended the Texas revolution against Mexico, San Jacinto County lies south of Livingston and is sprinkled with some of the most interesting small towns in East Texas. Coldspring, the county seat, […]

Community Emergency Response Team prepares for disasters

With all the fires here in Texas we need to think about what would happen if we had some other type of disaster here in Leon County. Most or all of our early responders would not be available. Of course we would all try to help each other but sometimes untrained help can be a danger. In the Mexico City […]

Edem twins arrive

The Mickey Edem family doubled on Tuesday, August 30th when Nur delivered twins on Tuesday at Palestine Regional Hospital. The boy, Ege Andrew, weighed 5 lb 10 oz, and was 17” long. His sister, Eda Angel, tipped the scales at 5 lb 6 oz and measured 16”. Complications with the pregnancy sent Nur to the hospital early and the twins […]