DRT Presents Map to School

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AARP Meeting Photos

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American Legion Post #335 meeting set for September 4th

The American Legion Post #335 will hold our monthly meeting on Saturday, September 4th at 6pm at the Centerville Municipal building located across from the Post Office. We would like to invite our members and their wives and/or husbands to attend. We will be having sandwiches and a “POt Luck” supper. We ask that those who attend, please bring sandwiches, […]

Community Calendar

Open house at the Buffalo Junior High Upper Building (grades 6 thru 8) will be Monday, September 13 from 6:00 until 7:30. Parents will briefly visit each classroom, following their child’s daily schedule. Students are encouraged to attend with their parents. The Anderson County AgriLIFE Extension Service & The East Texas Independent Cattlemen’s Association are combining to offer the third […]

No one is going to be bored in Becky Ruen’s classes

Buffalo High School’s new math teacher is a highenergy lady who is excited about her subject and her new school. Ms. Ruen will be teaching Algebra II, Pre- AP Algebra, Geometry, Math Application and TAKS Remediation. It’s a big load, but she seems more than up to the challenge. ANY challenge, apparently. Becky used to be a DJ for KORA […]

Alisia Folsom steps up to the board as teacher

Alisia Folsom has already been loving on BISD students for six years as a teacher’s aide, but this year she returns to Buffalo Elementary School as a teacher, working with the dyslexic students and as the campus’ reading intervention teacher. Alisia grew up in this area When Seth started kindergarten I went to part-time xray and began to volunteer at […]

Ladner can bring the world to Buffalo kindergarteners

The surprising growth of the 2010-11 kindergarten class at Buffalo Elementary warranted the creation of a fifth class late this summer, and Principal Johnny Veretto was very proud to be able to fill that position with an experienced teacher. One could say, in fact, that Susan Ladner Henon brings a “world” of experiences to her classroom. Known as “Ms. Ladner” […]

Straight from The Horse’s Mouth

Only occasionally do we experience moments that are extraordinary. Last week I had one, and maybe it wasn’t earth-shattering, but it was pivotal. I poured a rosetta on a latte at THM. I had been working on this for well over a year. I fussed over the espresso and carried on about the steamed milk. Day after day I tried […]

Tales from WannaBea Farm

The Surrogate Wading through the weeds we finally found the source of the weak mewling, a litter of kittens that were already covered with green blowflies. “They must belong to that gray cat that got hit by a car,” Gloria said, as she waved the flies away, and gently picked them up, one by one and deposited them in the […]

Where the Music Plays

In my latest journey to find live music, I found myself in Jewett Texas, at a little club called C&J’s Final Destination. Just a word of advice, if you’re looking for this club, located on hi-way 79, don’t blink while driving through town or you’ll miss it. The band was local artists, PUSHWATER, a great bunch of guys and outstanding […]