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Fast Cheap and Easy
Fast Cheap Easy and Healthy - Part 13
     This is it!! Week 13. Can you believe we are into the second quarter? Spring is here and school will soon be out!! Where does it go? The time I mean, not the weight that is an ever-constant issue. 
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Fast, cheap, easy and healthy - Part 12
     Beginning week 12. Only one more week to go. It really was a pretty good week, as far as food went, until my sister’s birthday and then Easter came along. But even so the scales look pretty good. Although only teasing me to let me see the coveted 149 mark now and then, but I am seeing it more often and it has been a while since the dreaded 155 showed up.
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Fast, Cheap, Easy and Healthy - Part 11
     Can you believe only two more columns to go and the big question is “Will she get below 150?” I can tell you that the scales dipped to that lusted for mark but didn’t stay there. However, I am somewhat encouraged. Mostly because I have heard from, more than a few, readers who say that the column has inspired them to be more aware of what they eat and drink.
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Fast, cheap, easy and healthy - Part 10
     Here we are about to begin week 10 and almost into the first week of spring. Everywhere I turn there is something else to sabotage my weight loss efforts. This week it was Spring Break and a visit from my two teenage grandsons. So much fun and so much food! My goodness they can eat, which means I cooked a lot, and not necessarily fast, cheap or healthy. And when and what I cook, I eat.
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Fast, cheap, easy and healthy – Part 8
     Beginning the 8th week. My how time flies!! I think I have reached a plateau and I know it is because of all this celebrating. Went to South Padre for a few days last week and while I did walk on the beach and tried hard to follow healthy eating habits, I didn’t lose anything this week, but didn’t gain either.
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Fast, cheap, easy and healthy - Part 7
     Another week of birthday celebrating. I think I have milked this “70” thing about as much as I can milk. My discipline was somewhat better this week than the week before but still not where I should be. I told you last week I was not going to step on the scales until this morning and I so hoped it would be, at least, where it was on the week before all this birthday mess started.
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Fast, Cheap, Easy and Healthy – Part 6
     This week I celebrated my 70th birthday. SEVENTY!! That’s years!! Where did the time go? How did this happen? When did Rock and Roll start sounding like noise and not like Elvis and Pat Boone? When did my hair get this white? When did my body parts start drooping? When did I lose my waistline? When? When?
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Fast, Cheap, Easy and Healthy part 5
     Beginning week 5 and the scales dipped all the way to 149.5!! Yippee!! Now I must say that I stepped back on the scales shortly thereafter and it wasn’t quite that low, but I figure once I see a number, it counts.
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Fast, Cheap, Easy.... and Healthy part 4
     Beginning week 4 and the scales say 151.5!! That is one pound down from last week and two and a half down from the start. Only 2 1/2 pound to be within my healthy weight range.
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Fast, Cheap, Easy....and Healthy
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Fast, Cheap, Easy and Healthy #3
     Beginning Week Three and the scales showed 152.5 today. Hurray!! Last week’s weight was a disappointment but I knew, from my Weight Watcher days, that it will come off, if I am consistent. Still have not eaten any processed sugar, of which I am aware, and have not stuck one fried thing in my mouth, although I have drooled quite often.
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Fast, Cheap, Easy and Healthy #2
     So it is the end of the first week of our thirteen week commitment. How did you do? I saw no comments at the end of the column on leoncountytoday.com, but then I didn’t see how anyone could have made any comments. So I will assume there were many but you simply could not do what I asked.
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Fast, Cheap, Easy and Healthy #1
     For some time I have wanted to do a column about food and cooking and health. Now is probably as good a time start as any, especially since it is the first of the year and time for all sorts of selfevaluation and promises.
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