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Columns July 17, 2018  RSS feed
From the Desk of the County Judge
     Primary elections are behind us and we are moving to the General Elections in November. Be sure you get to know all the candidates you possibly can that are on the ballot and do research yourself, do not just depend on the news media and face book for all your answers. This state and national election cycle is very important and we need to be informed voters. 
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Brady Briefing: Generational Impact
     Last week the President announced his pick to replace Justice Kennedy for the United States Supreme Court. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a very strong choice, just as Neil Gorsuch was. He is a highly qualified originalist with an exemplary record. I have no doubt he’ll strictly adhere to the Constitution and uphold the rule of law, rather than try to make law from the bench. 
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The road to hell is paved with good intentions
     Are you better off with ever increasing government control and government spending? Will your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren be more enriched by inheriting a country that is plagued with generational debt? Every year, our congress votes - generally by omnibus - to increase government spending.
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Leon County Sheriff’s Report
     07/04/18  At 5:51 PM, Deputy Stephen Pate was dispatched to Hwy 79 in Buffalo, in reference to an abandoned vehicle. The owner was contacted and arrangements were made to remove the vehicle.  07/05/18  
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