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Front Page January 30, 2018  RSS feed

A ‘blue’ & ‘super’ moon to enlighten the night sky

By Sherry Matney

We are about to be treated to a cosmic three-for-one deal this week when the second full moon in January occurs on January 31. Not only is it a “blue moon” but also it is a “super moon” and it will undergo a to- tal lunar eclipse in some places. This event marks the first time anyone on Earth has seen this celestial trifecta in 35 years and the first time it’s been seen in the Americas in 150 years.

On the 31st, the moon will officially reach its full phase at 8:27 a.m. Eastern Time. This is the second full moon to occur in a calendar month, which is often referred to as a blue moon. Around the same time, the full moon will be making an especially close approach to Earth, making it a super moon.

Adding to the excitement, some parts of the world will also see a total lunar eclipse on the 31st. During an eclipse the moon’s face can sometimes take on a reddish tone, commonly called a “blood moon.”

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