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Columns December 12, 2017  RSS feed

Letters to the Editor

The Buffalo Press encourages its readers to submit letters. We must reserve the right to edit for length or to not publish. However, every effort will be made to maintain the intent of the writer. We will publish almost all of letters to the editor. Letters to the editor reflect the opinion of the writer and not the editorial stance of The Buffalo Press.

Open letter to the Buffalo newspapers: I am writing this letter to ask that you publish it so has that our citizens of the area will be aware of what been going on with our credit cards' There have been several cases of credits being cloned and are being used in the area and outside of the area. I am also asking that the businesses report it to us also and lets us come and get the device as evidence. The Buffalo Police Department is working very hard at collecting evidence for these cases, but we need everyone's help in doing this. Please if you have had your debit/ credit card used please file a police report so that we can gather as much evidence or information about the suspect as we can so that we can try and bring him/her to jus-

tice. When you report it to the bank they will tell, you to come and report it to the police department PLEASE come and report it.

By reporting these crimes we will be able to try and locate where the skimmers are and maybe the business can help locate and identify the suspect placing the skimmer on video. We may also be able to add or include all the cases as one charge to make it a higher charge and help us keep them off the street for longer period of time.

Yes, we have had some skimmers located at some businesses, but I can tell you that these businesses are trying to stop this from happening. The businesses are checking their equipment every week and are now using security tape to keep the skimmers out of their equipment and you will see this on their equipment. If you see that the tape has been torn please report it to the business.

So' again PLEASE us to help stop these thieves from stealing, the Buffalo Police Department.

Lance Pavelka
Chief of Police
Buffalo, Texas

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