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Columns December 5, 2017  RSS feed

Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports.

Never Fails

On opening night of deer season, Nov. 4, Sabine County game wardens deployed an age old tactic for catching road hunters, Bucky the deer decoy. The dummy deer was placed alongside the road in the Moore Plantation WMA within easy range of opportunist night hunters. While waiting, a white SUV slow rolled to a complete stop and the driver took a shot at Ol’ Bucky. Once he realized the deer was fake, he proceeded to drive off. The warden jumped out and ran towards the vehicle yelling “Texas Game Warden” and “Stop.” The vehicle accelerated away from him and was immediately pursued by the other wardens. Local law enforcement from Pinehill and Hemphill located the vehicle on a dead end county road and detained its occupants, a male and a female. A single shot .223 caliber rifle was discovered in the back floorboard with a spent shell casing still loaded in the chamber. The female passenger was cited and released to her mother. The male driver was arrested for evading detention and arrest with a motor vehicle, hunting deer at night, hunting deer with a light, and hunting from a vehicle. All the cases are pending.

Bad Habits

In January 2017, a Montgomery County game warden received a call about deer parts that had been dumped on private property. He made contact with a suspect and found that he had killed two deer, not tagged either and dumped their remains on the private property. The suspect pled not guilty, went to trial, and was convicted of possession of untagged white-tailed deer and littering. Recently, the warden got another call from the private property owner about deer parts dumped on the property again. The warden made contact with the same suspect and once again found him to be in possession of an untagged deer. The suspect admitted to catching the deer in a trap before killing and processing it. He further admitted to dumping the deer remains at the same location as last January. The suspect received four citations for littering, illegal means and methods, hunter education violation, and unrelated charges. The cases are pending.

Facebook Fail

On Nov. 6, a Karnes County game warden received a phone call about a local resident that had killed a white-tailed buck deer and was not planning on tagging the deer. The warden found posts on Facebook of the suspect with the deer, and verified the individual did not have a valid hunting license. During a brief interview, the suspect told the warden he had purchased a license and tagged the deer. The warden then informed the hunter that he had already verified that he did not have a license. Hunting without a valid hunting license was filed and the 10-point buck was seized.

Busted Text

A Wheeler County game warden noticed a vehicle shining a light from a county road coming from Oklahoma into Texas. Once the vehicle passed, he followed and he heard two shots fired. The warden stopped the vehicle and separated the two female occupants. They denied knowledge of any weapons in the vehicle or any shooting from the road. The warden retrieved a rifle from the back seat with a spent cartridge still in the chamber as well as ammunition, two cans of beer, a head lamp with the red light still on, and a cell phone with a text displayed on the screen that read “Cop got us.” Adamantly denying any involvement of shooting, the two stuck with their story of being the only two occupants of the vehicle. After further investigation, it was found that two other subjects had gotten out at some point and made it back into Oklahoma. Charges of Class A hunting from a vehicle were filed on both females and the passenger also received a public intoxication citation. The warden is currently working with Oklahoma game wardens for possible illegal hunting from the same group near the state line.

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