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News November 7, 2017  RSS feed

The best Christmas ever

Greatest Christmas ever

by Jeff Jones

In 1968 while doing duty in Viet Nam my family experienced the Christmas of a lifetime. I wrote home and asked my mom and dad if they would let the people they worked with know that an orphanage in the village I was close to needed toys for the kids. In this orphanage, if a kid got a rice cake they had a great Christmas. Mom and dad not only chose to get involved but this became their Christmas. The money they had planned to spend on Christmas for each other and my two brothers became toy money for the orphanage. The local paper ran an article about what I was doing and the whole county got involved. Then a crazy thing happened (before cell phones were invented.) the story went nationwide.

When it was all said and done I received around 5,000 packages with about 20,000 gifts. We had so many that we shared with other orphanages around the country. Some of the stories I heard from people who got involved were tear-jerkers. Many bought toys, wrapping paper, clothes, stamps etc. Some shared their love on homemade Christmas cards, helping to wrap gifts and deliver to the post office because they had no money but wanted to be a part. Every person who helped with this project was a changed person on Christmas December 25, 1968.

Now fast forward 49 years. December 25, 2017, and you can experience a special Christmas.

On December 9th, 2017 the Buffalo Student-Athletes girls and boys, coaches and parents will be around our community taking donations of non-perishable food, and cash and checks payable to Brookshire Brothers. We will use the cash and checks to buy cases of food and hygiene items. All of the food and other items collected will go to the two local food pantries in Buffalo and Jewett.

If you want to experience a great Christmas like my family had 49 years ago, that you will never forget please mark your calendar and plan to give from your heart, to experience what Christmas can be like. Some of these people involved will be changed forever. My hope is that this will be our best or 2nd best Christmas ever.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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