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Sports October 3, 2017  RSS feed

Former Bison Belles of the Week

Submitted by Amanda Harter, edited by Sherry Matney

Cindy Mullenax Port Cindy Mullenax Port This week the featured former Belles are first cousins, Cindy Mullenax Port and Ruth Henson Rodell.

Cindy Mullenax Port is the daughter of Vallie and Molly Henson Mullenax of Buffalo.

Cindy was a Belle from 1970 – 1976, when Jr. High girls could participate. She was a line member (drummer) for the school years 1970- 1971 & 1971-1972, a twirler 1972-1973, 1st Lt. (assistant drum major) 1973-1974 and Captain for school years 1974- 1975 and 1975-1976.

Cindy participated in Belles under directors Faye Cadenhead, Paulette Bing and Rita Ragsdale and under the leadership of Drum Majors Debbie Hardy, Paula Dawson and Captain Sharon Webb.

Cindy said that there are so many memories she has from being a Belle. She said, "Of course Carolyn Teddlie Ferguson’s article mentioned one of the most memorable. We danced to records “back then” and the wind was really bad that night and the record just would not stay on the record player. But the standing ovation that night from BOTH sides was awesome!! As Belles we were always taught to finish our performance even if your hat came off or gauntlet dropped off you FINISHED! So the night one of our line members lost her SKIRT, she finished the routine and again the Belles came off the field to claps and cheers."

Ruth Henson Rodell Ruth Henson Rodell She said "Being a Belle was hard dedicated work. We were taught to always strive to be better today then you were yesterday.

You were a member of something bigger than yourself. We always were made to feel that the school and the community had pride in our Bison Belle Drill Team."

Ruth Henson Rodell is the daughter of James and Peggy Henson of Buffalo, and great aunt to 60th line Captain, Chelsea Harter.

Ruth was a Belle in 79-80 under Donna English or Penny Wilson, and again in 81-82 as 1st Lieutenant under Lanna Rushing. Ruth is a teacher at Buffalo Jr. High and encourages 8th grade girls every year to be part of something bigger than themselves by trying out for Bison Belles.

Ruth said that one of her favorite memories as a Belle was attending Belle summer officer camp at Southern Methodist University. while there the Belle officers put a fork in the back door of the dorm, so that they could get to the lunchroom faster. A janitor for the college found the fork and all 200 girls received a group lecture about not sneaking boys into the dorm. Apparently the belle officers never told Mrs. Reda Robinson because they were scared to tell her! She said, " we had an awesome high kick routine to "Hello Dolly" and I loved our routine to "New York, New York."

"Reda Robinson was director she taught us to have respect for ourselves, our uniform and each other. I learned to work as a team, and how to support the cheerleaders and football boys during the games and pep rallies. I still get chill bumps during the National Anthem and Bison School School "

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