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Sports September 26, 2017  RSS feed

It’s a Family Thing

Former Belles of the Week and current Belle of the Week
Submitted by Amanda Harter and edited by Sherry Matney

Tabitha Ezell Tabitha Ezell To publicize the upcoming 60th Bison Belle reunion, sponsor Amanda Henson Harter has featured Belles who have preformed over the past 60 years. She has also highlighted new members of the Belles as well. This week, you are treated to an entire family of Belles who have performed since 1975. The three Ezell sisters are this week’s focus and Tabitha’s daughter, Molli Doss, is the Belle of the Week.

The Ezell sisters are Molly, Cindy and Tabitha, daughters of James and Betty Ezell of Buffalo. The sisters were Belles for a total of 10 years and now Molli continues the family tradition.

Molly Ezell Glick was a Belle in 1975 and 1976. She loved marching in the Dogwood Parade in Palestine each year and she said as a Belle she learned to always put a double know in the cord that ties the leather skirt together. She says a friend of hers lost her skirt on the field one night. Molly dance under Captain Cindy Mullenax and Director Rita Ragsdale.

Molly Ezelle Glick Molly Ezelle Glick Cindy Ezell Wood was a Belle for four years serving as a Line member from 1979-1980 and an officer from 1981- 1982. Cindy’s favorite memory was dancing to “Heartbreaker” at the old gym for the elementary. Cindy says, “Funny thing is I still remember most of the routine.” Cindy’s Belle Director was Reda Barnett and her leaders were Tammy Bullin 1979, Penny Wilson 1980, and Lanna Rushing 1981-82.

Tabitha Ezell was a Bison Belle for four years serving as a Line member in 1986-87, and an officer from 1987 through 1990. Tab says, “Belles taught me how to be a leader and how to be a good person. I thank Dana Morris for that.” Tabitha sites the following as her favorite moment as a Belle, “We were playing Leon on their homecoming with 2 seconds left in the game. Tim, my brother, kicked a field goal and we won by 1 point. It was mine and Tim’s senior year and all the Belles, cheerleaders, and fans ran to the middle of the field! You know how we loved to beat Leon!” Tab danced under captains Tammy Copeland, Derwana Johnson 2 years and Stacye Jones. Dana Morris was director for all four of Tab’s years in Belles.

Cindy Ezell Wood Cindy Ezell Wood

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