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Columns September 26, 2017  RSS feed

Cooking Country

Sherry Matney

One last column on the cruise and the tour of the galley!! Last week I told you about the eggs and shrimp cocktails and this week we’ve got to look at the bread. Every meal, whether in the fancy dining rooms or the buffet, the cooks prepared thousands of rolls and breads for the cruise guests. During the galley tour we were allowed to view the massive dough mixer and the roll cutter. The mixers were very large vats that mixed and kneaded the dough. Then the cooks took out the dough, let it rest and used an automated dough cutter to cut the rolls to their desired shape. Our rolls were made daily but were served cold and they were delicious. If you have followed this column for a while you probably know that I like to make whole wheat bread but this week the recipes are using all-purpose flour.

Using one recipe for rolls you can make a great number of delicious breads, including cinnamon rolls for breakfast. This recipe is from one of the old red and white checked Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks that I have had for years. The ingredients do not change.

Dinner Rolls

4 to 41/2 cups all-purpose
1 package active dry
1-cup milk
1/3-cup sugar
1/3-cup butter
1 tsp. salt
2 eggs

In a large mixer bowl combine 2 cups of the flour and the yeast. In a saucepan heat milk, sugar, butter, and salt just till warm and butter is almost melted; stir constantly. Add to flour mixture; add eggs. Beat at low speed of electric mixer for ½ minute, scraping sides of bowl constantly. Beat 3 minutes at high speed. Stir in as much remaining flour as you can mix in with a spoon. Turn out onto a floured surface. Knead in enough remaining flour to make a moderately stiff dough that is smooth and elastic. Shape into a ball. Place in a lightly greased bowl; turn once. Cover; let rise in a warm place till double, about one hour.

Punch down; divide dough in half. Cover; let rest 10 minutes. Shape into desired rolls. Here is where you can make all different kinds of rolls, they are all the same bread but shaped differently.

For Brown and Serve Rolls

Prepare Dinners Rolls as above. Shape into desired rolls. Cover, let rise till nearly double (about 30 minutes). Bake in a 325-degree oven about 10 minutes. Do not brown. Remove from pans; cool. Wrap, label and freeze.

To serve, open packages containing desired number of rolls. Thaw rolls in package at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes. Unwrap completely. Bake on ungreased baking sheets in a 400-degree oven about 10 minutes or until golden.

For Cinnamon Rolls

I usually halve the dough for this because it makes it easier to handle. Take half the dough and place on a floured pastry board or counter top. Make a 12x8 rectangle about ¼ inch thick. Melt 3 tbsp. butter and brush over dough. Combine ½ cup granulated sugar and 1 tsp. ground cinnamon; sprinkle half over dough. Roll up jelly-roll style, beginning from longest side. Cut into 12 pieces. Repeat with remaining dough. Combine 2/3 cup packed brown sugar, ½ cup butter, and 2 tbsp. light corn syrup; cook and stir till blended. Divide between two 9’ round baking pans. Sprinkle each pan with ¼ cup chopped pecans and add the rolls. Let rise till double and bake in a 375-degree oven 20 to 25 minutes. YUMMM!!!!

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