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Sports April 18, 2017  RSS feed

Caleb Eagans competes in powerlifing at A&M

Caleb Eagans Caleb Eagans Texas A&M's Caleb Eagans took on his 3rd sport at Texas A&M competing in the Collegiate National Powerlifting Meet this past weekend in San Antonio, Tx. Texas A&M's Men's equipped team came into the meet ranked 1st but finished 4th overall, while the A&M's Men's raw team came in not expected to be top 10 finish in 3rd just behind A&M Kingsville and Ohio State University. Eagans competed in the raw division category for A&M in the weight class of 74kg (163 lbs). Eagans finished the meet with a personal record in both Squat and Deadlift with a combined total on 3 lifts 456kgs which is equal to 1,005 pounds. He finished in 7th place on his platform and had the 2nd best deadlift on his platform at 429.9 pounds. Eagans is now sitting in the top 50 powerlifters in his weight division in the United States. This is his 1st semester powerlifting and has only competed in two meets this year. One qualifying meet and the National Meet. "It was an emotional weekend for me, had a lot to be grateful for and a lot of special people I thought about who wasn't there who I knew was still supporting me. I was excited because I got my Aggie Ring on Thursday which was a day early because we had to leave out before Ring Day which was Friday. That was a milestone moment for me and to come to the National Meet to represent A&M is all just a blessing. Sense I've gotten stronger I've gotten a lot faster and an overall better athlete. Not sure what God's plans are for me but I'm thankful to be here and going to school at a great University surrounded by very supportive people. Without my mom being here my dad has had to play both parent roles and I'm thankful to have him in my life." Next year the USA Collegiate National Powerlifting Meet will be hosted by Texas A&M April 19th-22nd in College Station, Tx.

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