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Front Page December 3, 2013  RSS feed

Colt Morgan may still be in Buffalo area

By Sherry Matney

Colt Morgan Colt Morgan It is certainly no surprise to anyone who lives in and around Buffalo that some- body is looking for someone or something. With law enforcement helicopters circling the city, police cars parked along the streets and rumors running rampant, it is safe to assume that a dangerous fugitive is or has been hiding somewhere in the area.

According to Harris County homicide detectives, 28-year-old Colt Morgan has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend, 44-yearold Wende Marshall, a 1987 graduate of Clayton Valley High School.

The woman went missing on October 30, just one day after she told her father that she and Morgan were engaged to be married. When the couple failed to show up for dinner a couple days later, her dad called law enforcement.

Investigators went to the couple’s home and found blood on the floor and bed blanket. There was also evidence of more blood that had been cleaned up.

Morgan’s trash bag and duck tape shelter on edge of Buffalo. Morgan’s trash bag and duck tape shelter on edge of Buffalo. A charred skull and other bones were found in the fireplace and more body parts were found buried in Marshall’s backyard. Investigators think Morgan stabbed Marshall after an argument, and then burned parts of her body and buried the rest in her backyard.

Morgan was able to escape the authorities and has been in the Buffalo area of Leon County since the week of November 11. Morgan was caught on camera walking into Brookshire Brothers grocery in Buffalo and was also sighted at Pizza Hut applying for a delivery driver position.

Authorities believe Morgan stole a 4-wheeler but probably does not have another vehicle, so is likely to have remained in this area.

Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis held a press conference on Monday to provide an update on the investigation and to alert local residents to be on their guard.

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