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Fast Cheap and Easy January 15, 2013  RSS feed

Fast, Cheap, Easy and Healthy #1

By Sherry Matney

For some time I have wanted to do a column about food and cooking and health. Now is probably as good a time start as any, especially since it is the first of the year and time for all sorts of selfevaluation and promises.

This morning I weighed and the scales stopped at 154 pounds. That is something that I share with no one, except maybe my husband who peeks at the scales, at his own risk. That weight alone has prompted me to do what I have said I would do. That is, pay more attention to what I eat and try to drop a few pounds.

When I go to my-caloriecounter.com and put in my height of 5’6” and my weight, which I just revealed, it tells me that I am slightly overweight. My healthy range is from 118 to 149 pounds and my Body Mass Index (BMI) should be 25 or under, which it is. So although I am classified as “overweight” it is not too critical, yet!!

The point of this column is to enlist you as a partner in my endeavor to become healthier. I encourage you to go to one of the free web- sites, like the one I mentioned above, or any other. There are many. If you don’t do computers find a book and get the same information. Find out what your healthy weight range is and get an idea of how many calories you can eat or burn each day.

To lose one pound per week, the website told me that I can eat about 1300 calories per day, unless I do some sort of exercise or activity and then I get credit for that and can eat more.

What I hope to do for the next twelve weeks is have you help me be accountable. I will weight each Monday and print the facts, like them or not. I will also look up and find some interesting and easy recipes that you might use, if you choose, and talk about some of our Leon County health issues, i.e. obesity, diabetes, etc.

I have also promised leoncountytoday.com a video showing how to put together some of the recipes and food items. So, you see, we are both guinea pigs.

This week I have an assignment for you. Weigh yourself and write it down. You can hide it if you like, but write it down. Find some way to determine your healthy weight and write that down. Find something you enjoy that makes you move around and do it. My husband and I walk two miles almost everyday and sometimes more. I love it and truly hate to miss.

If you have access to a computer go to leoncountytoday.com and click on this column. At the end of the column click on comments and input your weight and your goal weight. You can even make a commitment to walk, or dance, or use your tread mill. You will need to use a name at the website but it can be anything. No need to embarrass yourself as I have done.

I would also be interested in knowing what kinds of recipes interest you. Do you want fast? Cheap? Easy? Healthy? Or a combination of all four?

I can assure you I do not have all these types of recipes but will make every effort to find them, make them and share them with you.

So, until next week. Do one fun thing every day. Write that down too.

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