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News December 11, 2012  RSS feed

Leon County veterans need your help

By Joyce Stark

Think about it; suppose you had joined the service, volunteering to serve your country, or possibly didn't even have a choice, maybe you were drafted. But either way, you went and fought. You went to a foreign country, not seeing your family or friends for years, spending your holidays on a ship, in a fox hole, huddled in the rain or the blazing heat, scared and miserable, wondering if you would ever see your loved ones again. Then you come home, all in one piece if you were lucky, missing limbs or having other wounds if you were unlucky.

The VA has promised you health care…but they never promised you transportation. You live in Leon County, but there is no public transportation in Leon County. Sure, they have the County van that will take you shopping and to the doctor, but it will not provide transportation to the VA facilities, so what do you do? Think about it.

Back in April, 2011, Leon County was finally awarded a VA van so that our wonderful veterans could have transportation to the VA medical clinic in Bryan, TX and to the VA hospitals in Temple and Waco.

Our Leon County veterans were so excited. Without the van many were not able to make their doctors appointments or able to get to the hospitals where they could get treatment, dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and other items they need.

Some didn’t have transportation, some were not able to drive any more, and some just plain didn’t have money for gas for that distance.

But the only way we could get the van was if we could provide volunteer drivers. Our drivers so far have all been veterans, disabled themselves they still try to help their fellow veterans, but one by one their health has also disintegrated and they can no longer qualify to drive. Only two are now available to drive.

Please help our veterans; volunteer and drive these heroes to their appointments. You do not have to be a veteran, or have a special license, your regular license is all that is needed, the VA will train you and you will also get a free physical exam including lab, chest x-rays and flu shots each year.

If you would like to volunteer, call Larry Bass @ 903-467-4441 or Joyce Stark @ 903-388-5552.

Readers Comments

i propose an elected official
Submitted by countyAnonymous (not verified) on Fri, 2012-12-14 20:00.
i propose an elected official driving day, they already receive salary without oversight, and it might be good for reelction.

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