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Front Page February 7, 2012  RSS feed

Hog dogs and wild hogs create excitement at hunting competition

135 contestants, making up 34 teams from all over the state, competed in the Second Annual Boars of Texas Hog Hunting Competition held in Caldwell, Texas on Sunday, January 29th. Each was after their share of $10,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs this year. Teams started hunting at 5:00PM Friday, January 27th, cramming as much hunting into the weekend as possible only to rush in and line up by 12:00 noon on Sunday to have their quarries weighed-in at the Burleson County Fairgrounds in front of hordes of curious onlookers. Twenty-two teams made it within the official cut-off time of 12:00PM, weighing in a staggering 23,800 pounds of qualifying field-dressed, iced down, wild hog. While these numbers are impressive, they are merely the tip of the iceberg. These teams kill many more which are either, under the fifty pound minimum qualifying field-dressed weight, misplaced in the may lay of hunting, or not able to be retrieved in the allotted times. Some teams simply choose not to compete in the largest stringer portion of the contest, bringing in only their top five hogs in an attempt to take their overall division. These hunters kill hundreds of hogs in every competition, like this one, held throughout the state every spring, and rack up large numbers in each one of them in only two days. I hope this impresses upon individuals the huge impact hog hunters and their dogs have on the overall population of feral hogs, because these houndsmen don’t just stop when the competitions are over and the crowds subside; they are side; they are in the woods, cornfields, and swamps day in and day out, in the best and worst conditions imaginable, in pursuit of these animals simply because they love to do it. This year’s winners in the Gun and Knife Division are as follows: 1st Place, going to team Ramsey Ranch (Skeeter Ramsey, Patrick Matejka, Keaton Roan, Dusty Winder) from College Station, TX with a 1038 pound top five total, also taking Largest Sow with a field-dressed weight of 236 pounds; 2nd Place going to team Gun Town Tushhogs (Josh Baros, Garret Schulz, Eli Smith, Ty Brozozwski) from Victoria, TX with a 1002 pound top five total, also taking Largest Boar with a field-dressed weight of 241 pounds; 3rd Place going to team Bar W Ranch (Charlie Williamson, Justin Jones, Austin Rayborn, Leo Gonzales) from Wheelock and Buffalo, TX with a 971 pound top five total; Largest Stringer went to team K Bar Hog Hunters (Kevin Muzny, Robert Campbell, Cody Praesel, Travis Muzny) from Caldwell, TX with 25 head checked in. In the Gun and Dog Division, with a clean sweep, team No Limit Hoggers (Cody Wade, Charles Wade, Otis English, Steve Conley) from Trinity, TX took their overall division with a 697 pound top five total, Largest Stringer with five head checked-in, Largest Boar at 150 pounds fielddressed, and Largest Sow at 180 pounds field-dressed. On top of cash prizes, all of these teams also took home dog food which was donated by Outlaw Feed of Temple, TX and Homeyer Feed of Caldwell, TX. In addition to the sponsors, I would also like to thank the volunteers who worked so hard wrestling all of those wild hogs onto and off the scales, the Burleson County Fair Association, the Brazos County 4H and Dusty Title, the organizations and individuals who saw to it that a majority of these feral hogs were utilized, the Burleson County Chamber of Commerce, the Deanville Fire Department, International Verification Services, and all of the hunters who come together every year making this event possible. For more information on the Boars of Texas Hog Hunting Competition, check out www.BoarsofTexas.com or email Matthew Renner at BoarsofTexas@yahoo.com.

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