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Sports June 14, 2011  RSS feed

Shooting Sports team motto: Breaking Clay Makes My Day

Contributed by Jane Terry

Buffalo FFA Shooting Sports Team members (L-R): Taylor McGill, Reagan Read, Shelby Reeder, Kyle Read, Tarra Reeder, Colton Henson, Reid Courmier, Laken McCabe, Heather Humphries, Garrett Henson and Jacob Rodell. 
Contributed photo Buffalo FFA Shooting Sports Team members (L-R): Taylor McGill, Reagan Read, Shelby Reeder, Kyle Read, Tarra Reeder, Colton Henson, Reid Courmier, Laken McCabe, Heather Humphries, Garrett Henson and Jacob Rodell. Contributed photo Four hundred seventy four (474) shooters representing 41 high schools from across Texas competed at the State FFA Shooting Sports competition which took place June 6-7, 2011, at the National Shooting Sports Complex in San Antonio.

Buffalo FFA took eleven students to the meet. Tarra and Shelby Reeder, Laken McCabe, Taylor McGill, and Jacob Rodell competed last year at the state shoot held in Kerrville where the mixed gender team placed third in the trap shoot competition. This year the veteran shooters were joined by Colton and Garrett Henson, Kyle and Reagan Read, Heather Humphries, and Reid Courmier to compete in trap as well as sporting clays, an event new to this year’s contest.

The team arrived at the complex after noon on June 5 and joined other teams to warm up with some practice trap rounds. According to Charlie Wilson, the competition guru, approximately 17,000 practice targets were shot that Sunday.

First thing Monday morning every competitor attended a mandatory safety meeting. After the meeting, the Buffalo team, looking great in turquoise T-shirts sponsored by Reeder & Sons Auto Parts, made their way to the sporting clay range where they were scheduled to shoot in the first flight.

Both trap and sporting clays involve shooting mov- ing clay targets, often referred to as ‘clays’ or ‘birds,’ with a shotgun. The sporting clay contest consists of five pairs of clays (10 birds) shot at 10 different stations. The targets are set to ‘fly’ different confi gurations at teach station, making this a very challenging event. Each target simulates the path of an actual animal as would be seen in a true hunting situation.

After the sporting clays team finished this event, Agriculture Science teacher Bobby Terry, who coaches the team, along with co-coaches and parents, Brian Humphries and Danny Reeder, were satisfied with the team’s performance. Several members shot more than 80% of the targets, and some team members achieved ‘best ever’ scores during the competition. Jacob Rodell was 5th high individual in this state-wide competition.

About noon on Tuesday, in the blistering South Texas heat, our teams took to the fields for the trap competition. Trap involves shooting clays that launch from a central trap house and ‘fly’ at some undetermined direction within a 45 degree range. Five targets are shot from each of five stations placed in a semicircle 16 yards behind the trap house. Each shooter shoots 4 ‘rounds’ of 25 ‘birds’ for a total of 100 targets.

Our teams were hard to miss wearing bright orange Tshirts with the logo, “Breaking Clay Makes My Day,” also donated by Reeder & Sons Auto Parts.

Again the coaches were happy with the performance of their team as several members shot their personal best. Reid Courmier was the high shooter from Buffalo missing only 6 of the 100 targets. When a score of 94 lands you in 14th place, you know there are some tough shooters out there!

There were several ‘shoot-offs’ but when the dust settled and the winners were announced, Buffalo was one of the top four teams in 5 of the 6 events. Each of the main events, trap and shooting sports, is divided into 3 categories: all male team, all female team, and mixed gender team.

The Buffalo FFA all female team placed fourth in both trap and sporting clays with scores of 218 and 170 out of a possible 300. The all male team won third in sporting clays with a score of 248. The mixed gender teams won second in both trap and sporting clays with scores of 261 and 231 respectively.

The Buffalo FFA Shooting Sports team would like to thank Reeder & Sons Auto Parts for providing the t-shirts and Cyndi Reeder for her excellent taste in color and designs.

To help defray the cost of attending the shoot, Friends of the Buffalo FFA Shooting Sports is raffling off tickets for a Beretta 381 (12 gauge shotgun) to be drawn for on June 30. Tickets are available at NAPA and Buffalo Sporting Goods.

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