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Freestone County Sheriff's Report

by Sheriff Ralph Billings

Ralph Billings Ralph Billings Sheriff's Report Number 435- Trees cut down FM- 27, unknown to the owner. FEMS and Butler VFD to severe stomach pain, FCR-261. FEMS, Fairfield VFD and DPS Warren to accident, Mile 193. Dep. Harrison to US- 79, pickup missing…..Came back in about 20 minutes….A younger member of the family had it. DPS Adams jails man, IH-45, Harris County Warrant. Pickup reported stolen, Kingswood, located FCR-185.

Avid golfers stayed a little longer than quitting time…..When they got through and to the gate, found they were locked inside, Monte Cole called, enroute to release them. Missing handgun, FM-489. Family Troubles on S. 13th, TPD Howard and Dep. Travis Robertson to same. Unwanted vehicle left at Jet Truck Stop.

Snake found in vehicle at Nursing Home on Moody, FPD Gasaway to same. Pit Bull loose, chased Lady in her own front yard, Mulberry. After having drouth conditions for so long, it seems odd viewing water standing in the ditches…..But this is Texas….And that water will soak in…..And then we'll be wondering once again if it'll ever rain again!

TPD Scott Sykora arrests motorist on N. 8th, Controlled Substance. Wortham PD to N. 2nd, 14 year old threatening to kill herself with a knife, Deputy Clayton Aldrich, Mexia EMS and Wortham VFD also assisting. Dog troubles on Mulberry. Deputy Aldrich also books man into Jail to begin serving Court Ordered Jail Time. Deputies Aldrich, Shaw and Willis to FM-1580 on reported assault. Fairfield VFD to possible electrical fire, local bank.

TxDOT to tree fallen, US-84. Van Zandt County Officers in County on investigation. Huge rain on Tuesday. TV said 6-8 inches. Bridges washed away on County Roads in Northwestern part of County. Roads hit hard, one washed away. High water over many area roads, folks stranded, can't get to work, Dispatchers swamped. Game Warden Craig Hernandez advised Tehuacana Creek, much swollen, moving at 57 Feet per second! Sounds like the Schlitterbahn at New Braunfels!

Dep. Robert Willis to report of prowler, FCR-660. Many reports of hydroplaning throughout County. One in guard rail, Mile 210. The following will not be complete, but it will give an idea…..Under water, FM-80, north of Donie, tree on road at Brown's Chapel, water over US-84 near FM-1366. IH-45 Service Road under water, Keechi Creek, US-84 with three more places passing water over top, Teague to Mexia. FM-27 flooded, underpass on US-84, FM-1365, FM-489, FM-833, FM-246, FCR-941, 731, 901, 921, 536, 946, Hwy. 14, North FM-80, ditto, ditto. FCR-1095 road washed away, FCR-1051, same, FCR-950 bridge gone….. That'll be enough…… The list is longer…..Suffice it to say…..THIS WAS A MAJOR RAIN. The State and County Hands are going to be very busy in coming weeks getting it all repaired and cobbled back together, particularly Pct. #4. Our Thanks to every Deputy, Officer, Game Warden, Fireman and citizen who assisted.

FPD to Heather, someone has poured paint all over driveway. District Judge Pat Simmons orders another to care and custody of Jail. FEMS to FCR-522, man with nausea. TPD Howard to THS, keys locked in car.

Another rain related problem, about 20 hours after the flood began…..TxDOT has contacted us to advise that Hwy. 75 has been closed due to the possibility of the Tehuacana Creek bridge being deemed structurally insufficient and fearful that it might yield and wash away. Everyone in Streetman area will be forced to use the Interstate for now.

THDEMS to US-84, just past the underpass, man fell, hurt hip, is conscious. DPS Putz and FEMS to accident, Mile 197. 911 Bounce advises of cow in road, Hwy. 164, Limestone S.O. advised. FEMS, Streetman VFD, Fairfield VFD, Dep. D.R. Taylor and Game Warden Craig Hernandez to Lady hanging in tree, high water, Tehuacana Creek, Old 75, car swept off pavement. Game Warden boat launched, Lady plucked from her perch safely thank goodness. This was second time overnight he had used his boat for a rescue effort, with another on FCR-141, assisted by Deputy House.

18-Wheeler loaded with pipe, blocking road, driver asleep. Tree blocking Bateman. DPS Thornton and Zotz to Donie, accident with mailbox and trailer house both struck. Snake in the house on Old 75, coiled up in a dresser drawer. Man calls, wants to know if any of his friends on 75 had been washed away…. Don't think so…..Get on the phone….Give 'em a call.

Big Time Going Away Party for Terry Guillory of Marathon. Terry and Marathon did our entire area a big favor a few years back, footing the bills on teaching Drug Awareness in every school system in the County. We will always be indebted to him for his and his staff's assistance. We sorrow that he is leaving, but know the citizens of Louisiana will benefit. Good Luck, Terry! It has been a pleasure.

Deputy House dealing with phone harassment problems between two. FPD Gasaway arrests young man on Warrants for Theft by Check and Use of Another's ID. On- Star report of accident, FM- 416, Navarro County….They were advised of same. Unwanted guest on Tyler, TPD Reed to same. FEMS and Dew VFD to FCR-482, severe breathing troubles. Also to Buckner Apartments, man with seizure.

Teague VFD to truck on fire, Main Street. THDEMS to N. 6th, 9 year old girl, eyes rolled back in head. DPS Thornton and Burell and TPD units to 84 Underpass on major accident with assistance from Teague VFD and Doctor

Chopper. FPD Irion and Green arrest drunk man on trailer, Love's.

A very large crowd present, in fact not enough seating available for the family and friends, for 14 Graduates of our Reserve Deputy School. They have worked diligently, three evenings a week, after their regular jobs, to attain the required 600 plus hours of Training. I commend their efforts, as well as those of their many instructors over this period. A very impressive group, whom it has been our pleasure to host. Good Luck and Much Success to each.

Lady turns self in at Jail on Warrant. Weather Spotters activated for storm sailing through on Sunday morning before Church. TxDOT to limb in middle of Old 75. TPD Howard to Pine Street, son won't leave property. Dep. Shaw to report of husband assaulting wife, FM-27. THDEMS to Cypress, 30 year old fainted. FPD Warren and Gallegos arrest drunk man at local convenience store on IH-45, drunk. Dew VFD, THDEMS, Deputies Shaw, Elom and Hendrix to self inflicted gunshot tragedy, FCR-701. Death pronounced by JP#3 Beth Ireland. Deputy Anderson

stops motorist, US-84, found to be having possible stroke, FEMS to same.

Man reported at Dew Truck Stop wearing a Devil's mask and black cape….. Too early for Halloween! FEMS to N. Mount, 90 year old Lady has taken a tumble. 18 Wheeler and car fully engulfed in flames, Mile 209, DPS Thornton, Streetman and Fairfield VFD's to same. JP#3 Ireland unfortunately needed, as driver's body was found after flames extinguished in the car which had been traveling wrong way, precipitating the head-on accident. IH-45 blocked. Welladvanced pregnant Lady calls during same, caught in traffic jam…..Concerned things may be happening quicker than had been planned, will call back if that is the case….. She didn't call, so assume midwife service not needed. A good thing as ambulance couldn't get through the traffic, couldn't drive down the wet shoulders without getting stuck and Doctor Chopper shut down due to low visibility.

TPD Howard to reported theft at local storage units. Dep. Elom to loose horse running over the Hwy.179 bridge going over IH-45….put in an oilfield gate, far safer for all. TPD Noll to man in vehicle, passed out, had been drinking….. sitting in the traffic lane, adjacent to the railroad tracks. Was told this was his second time to do this at same location, in two days. FPD Gallegos jails DWI, US-84. FPD to report of two drunks at Love's…..one has fell over at the table, face in his food, the other outside rummaging around several vehicles, trying to figure out which is his. FPD Glenda Bass arrests both.

Teague VFD and FEMS to FCR-868, 24 year old Lady bitten on toe by Copperhead. FPD Gallegos arrests man on James, Warrant for Fail To Register as Sex Offender. THDEMS, TPD Reed and Teague Rescue to Mulberry, one female struck another on the nose. More Family Troubles on Cypress, TPD Noll to same. FPD and Deputies to Fair Park, altercation going on, one reportedly has a gun.

FEMS to Angel Oaks, Lady outside, no clothes on. Firearms Qualification over weekend.

Until Next Week….. RALPH BILLINGS

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