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Columns October 9, 2018  RSS feed
Ink with Pizzazz
Doubt Verses Belief
     Doubt is something that is common among all of us every day. We go throughout our daily routines and have thoughts that are quickly dismissed by our natural response. I cannot count the number of times I have brushed off thoughts that should have been written down. So that I could have played out the scenario at a later time. Who knows what I could have done with some of those ideas. 
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Cooking Country
     How did those rolls work out for you last week? Were they tough and chewy or light and fluffy? Like every other activity that you care about, making rolls takes lots of practice. If you get them right the first time you are either very lucky or have in-born culinary skills. This week’s bread is so much easier; it is cornbread. 
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Game Warden Field Notes
     The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports.  Treasure Hunt  
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Leon County Sheriff’s Report
     09/26/18  At 9:08 AM, LT. Dee Craft was dispatched to CR 200 in Centerville, in reference to a loose livestock report. The animals were placed in a property with an open gate and the owner was contacted. The call was then cleared.  
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